MEF: Talk on Self-Regulation – by Dr Jefferelli


On the 23rd April 2016, Dr Jefferelli along with other representatives from the Society of Occupational and Environmental Medicine-MMA, and other occupational health professionals and union representatives was invited to the first Academy of Occupational and Environmental Medicine Malaysia‘s (AOEMM) dinner and talk at the Royal Lake Club Kuala Lumpur. The talk was by the Executive Director of the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) on Self-Regulation in Occupational Safety and Health. Dr Jefferelli wrote up his account of the talk in the latest Berita MMA.

He pointed out that there are three possible ways of implementing self-regulation, which are:

  1. voluntary self-regulation
  2. mandated full self-regulation
  3. mandated partial self-regulation

At the end he concluded that the lack of employer developed Occupational Safety and Health codes of practice, guidelines and self-auditing in Malaysia is an indication that self-regulation is not working and a review of this approach is required.


To read more on his view, you will need to pick-up the Berita MMA.

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