Chairmans Message

Greetings and welcome to the website of the Society of Occupational and Environmental Medicine known fondly as SOEM. I am indeed grateful to be elected to lead this esteemed society for another year. This society has had a very colourful past and continues to be a strong presence in the field of Occupational Health. I am overwhelmed by the support given to us by the various agencies namely the Social Security Organization to which the society extends its many thanks. I would also like to thank the members of the society who have supported our activities and who are still increasing in number.

Rest assured, the society will endeavour to do its utmost best in upholding and promoting occupational health to the occupational health practitioners and also to the industries. We are committed to doing the best and we will definitely persevere in our undertakings.

I would like to personally invite our members to contribute articles and case discussions to our website and also to present in our seminar and annual seminars. We look forward to your role in being the provider as much as the receiver.

I hope the year ahead will bring better days for the occupational and environmental medicine practitioners in Malaysia!

Dr Priya Ragunath
SOEM-MMA Chairperson (2015-2016)